[Issue] Park Minha tweets a photo she took with TVXQ′s U-Know Yunho.

Child actor Park Minha tweeted a shot that′s enough to rouse the envy of TVXQ (DBSK) fans.

On December 6, she tweeted, “Ah~ With Yunho oppa (big brother) after our script reading♥ Thank you for recognizing me and for greeting me first~ See you soon,” along with a photo.

In the photo, Park Minha is shown in U-Know Yunho′s arms, while he squats for the picture.

In the beginning of Yawang, Park Minha will appear as Da Hae′s (Soo Ae) daughter. U-Know Yunho has been cast as Baek Do Hoon, who aims to become Da Hae′s young lover.

Park Minha recently made issues as child star Mason′s girlfriend. U-Know Yunho is currently promoting the single Humanoids from TVXQ′s sixth album.

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