[Issue] Han Ga In still has a crush on Big Bang’s G-Dragon

It’s no secret that Han Ga In has the biggest crush on Big Bang’s G-Dragon as she might have mentioned itonce or twice before.

So when she stood just a foot away from him on November 30’s Mnet Asian Music Awards, she couldn’t help herself but to ogle at her favorite idol. 

A photo of Han Ga In staring at G-Dragon with admiring eyes have been floating around the internet as G-Dragon accepted an award at the event on Friday night. 

Also, during his thank you speech, G-Dragon said, “I’m very happy to be receiving this award from Han Ga In nuna.” 

Netizens laughed at how a top actress like Han Ga In can also become a fangirl in the presence of her idol. They commented, “She loves G-Dragon,” “It’s very human for Han Ga In to fangirl over G-Dragon,” and “Yeon Jeong Hoon is going to be jealous.”

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