[Issue] Big Bang takes ′Alive Galaxy Tour′ to the Tokyo Dome

Big Bang has finally stood on stage at the Tokyo Dome. 

On December 5, the Big Bang members stood on stage at the Tokyo Dome in front of 55,000 shouting fans and kicked off its first-ever Tokyo Dome concert.

After three years since the group’s Japanese debut, the Tokyo Dome concert reflected just how far the group had come, as fans showed their fervor from beginning to end without ceasing – many decked out from head to toe in Big Bang gear. 

Even with 55,000 seats, it wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy demand, proven by the fans walking around outside holding up signs that read, ‘Please share your ticket.’ 

The concert kicked off at 6:15 p.m. (local time) and opened with Big Bang’s Tonight before moving on to Big Bang’s hits including Hands Up, Fantastic Baby and more for a total of 24 tracks performed. 

Member Seungri reflected on the group’s path to the Tokyo Dome saying, “Three years ago we held a concert with 2,000 nearby here at the Tokyo JCB Hall but now we are here performing at the Tokyo Dome. Our dreams have become reality. Today is a memorable day for Big Bang and its fans.”

Towards the latter half of the concert, fans surprised Seungri with a mini-birthday party, ahead of his birthday on December 12, as all 55,000 fans joined in on singing happy birthday to the Big Bang member.

At the concert, Daesung also revealed his future Japanese plans with a J-Pop remake album set for release in February and exclusive solo concerts to be held in March at the Budokan and the Kobe World Commemoration Hall. 

Big Bang has a final few performances before ending its Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 for good, with its finale performances to be held on January 25 through 27 in Seoul.

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