[Issue] Park Minha tweets a photo she took with TVXQ′s U-Know Yunho.

Child actor Park Minha tweeted a shot that′s enough to rouse the envy of TVXQ (DBSK) fans.

On December 6, she tweeted, “Ah~ With Yunho oppa (big brother) after our script reading♥ Thank you for recognizing me and for greeting me first~ See you soon,” along with a photo.

In the photo, Park Minha is shown in U-Know Yunho′s arms, while he squats for the picture.

In the beginning of Yawang, Park Minha will appear as Da Hae′s (Soo Ae) daughter. U-Know Yunho has been cast as Baek Do Hoon, who aims to become Da Hae′s young lover.

Park Minha recently made issues as child star Mason′s girlfriend. U-Know Yunho is currently promoting the single Humanoids from TVXQ′s sixth album.

[Issue] [MAMA] Trouble Maker talks in sporty looks at the red carpet for ′2012 MAMA′

Trouble Maker′s Hyuna and Jang Hyun Seung shone onstage, and they said they really meant to this time around.

The duo appeared hand in hand at the red carpet event for the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards (2012 MAMA) on November 30.

They didn′t put on the usual dresses or tuxedos for the event, but rather donned more sporty and bright looks.

B2ST′s Jang Hyun Seung said their concept for the red carpet is “so bling bling.”

Hyun Seung then added, “We′ve worked hard to put together a special performance, and we′ll do our best to put on the best show.”

The red carpet event was hosted by 1TYM′s Danny, HelloVenus′ Yooara and Yi Sol Ji, and aired arrivals by Psy, Super Junior, SHINee, Lee Hi and more

[Issue] Fans can can interactive with new MBLAQ and Ailee mobile apps

A special new pair of mobile phone applications is sure to delight all MBLAQ and Ailee fans. 

MBLAQ and Ailee recently became the first K-Pop artists to release their own ‘K-Pop Runner’ phone apps. 

Fans anywhere in the world with a smart phone and internet access can now download the applications and listen to their favorite MBLAQ or Ailee tunes in high quality, record over the MRs of their favorite songs and easily upload them to the world.

The application also allows one to record a video while simultaneously watching the music videos of MBLAQ and Ailee and easily distribute the finished results on YouTube, Facebook and other SNS platforms. 

The application also displays Romanized lyrics for the Korean songs so non-Korean speakers can easily read and sing along to their favorite songs.

[Issue] [MAMA] Hyuna talks about her possible American debut at ′2012 MAMA′

4minute′s Hyuna said she′s thinking of venturing out to America.

Hyuna talked with press after performing as Trouble Maker with B2ST′s Jang Hyun Seung and receiving the award for Best Collaboration at the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA).

She said, “I′m so honored I was able to perform at MAMA again following last year′s performance. It was fun trying to think up new ways to perform. If more people expect more from us, I believe we′ll be able to perform as Trouble Maker again.”

When asked about the reports that she was thinking of venturing to America, she said, “Great news is being exchanged in America regarding my debut in the country. There are no specific plans yet, but the discussions are all positive.”

Hyuna recently made issues when it became known that she met with Scooter Braun, the man in charge of Psy′s management in America.

2012 MAMA was held in Hong Kong on November 30.

[Issue] Se7en and Big Bang’s G-Dragon set new follower records

Se7en was finally able to celebrate the day he’s been waiting for since he opened his Twitter account. 

On December 3, Se7en tweeted, “OMG!!! Finally 777,777 followers!! Thank u sooooo much~ Love yall.” 

Commemorating the event, Se7en took a screen shot of his Twitter profile, showing proof that he now has 777,777 followers for his account, continuing his obsession with the lucky number seven. 

Also, it has also come to attention of fans that Big Bang’s G-Dragon also surpassed one million followers on his account on November 30, when G-Dragon and the Big Bang members received awards as the Best Male Group, Worldwide Performer, and Artist of the Year at MAMA.

[K-pop] Big Bang’s Daesung to have solo Japanese album and concert

Already preparing for big things in 2013, Big Bang’s Daesung announced that he will be releasing a solo remake album and holding an exclusive concert in Japan.

On December 5, YG Entertainment stated, “In February of next year, Daesung will be releasing his first solo Japanese album and will be holding an exclusive solo concert in Kobe and Tokyo in March.”

The concert is currently scheduled for March 23-24 in Kobe and March 30-31 in Tokyo. 

Although no exact date has been announced for Daesung’s solo album, it’s said to have 12 tracks, including Wings and Baby Don’t Cry, which were Daesung’s solo songs from earlier Big Bang album. 

The other tracks in the remake album will be classic J-Pop songs handpicked by the Big Bang member and recreated in Daesung′s own style. 

Meanwhile, Big Bang will be continuing its Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour at the Tokyo dome on December 5.

[Issue] Han Ga In still has a crush on Big Bang’s G-Dragon

It’s no secret that Han Ga In has the biggest crush on Big Bang’s G-Dragon as she might have mentioned itonce or twice before.

So when she stood just a foot away from him on November 30’s Mnet Asian Music Awards, she couldn’t help herself but to ogle at her favorite idol. 

A photo of Han Ga In staring at G-Dragon with admiring eyes have been floating around the internet as G-Dragon accepted an award at the event on Friday night. 

Also, during his thank you speech, G-Dragon said, “I’m very happy to be receiving this award from Han Ga In nuna.” 

Netizens laughed at how a top actress like Han Ga In can also become a fangirl in the presence of her idol. They commented, “She loves G-Dragon,” “It’s very human for Han Ga In to fangirl over G-Dragon,” and “Yeon Jeong Hoon is going to be jealous.”

[Issue] Big Bang takes ′Alive Galaxy Tour′ to the Tokyo Dome

Big Bang has finally stood on stage at the Tokyo Dome. 

On December 5, the Big Bang members stood on stage at the Tokyo Dome in front of 55,000 shouting fans and kicked off its first-ever Tokyo Dome concert.

After three years since the group’s Japanese debut, the Tokyo Dome concert reflected just how far the group had come, as fans showed their fervor from beginning to end without ceasing – many decked out from head to toe in Big Bang gear. 

Even with 55,000 seats, it wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy demand, proven by the fans walking around outside holding up signs that read, ‘Please share your ticket.’ 

The concert kicked off at 6:15 p.m. (local time) and opened with Big Bang’s Tonight before moving on to Big Bang’s hits including Hands Up, Fantastic Baby and more for a total of 24 tracks performed. 

Member Seungri reflected on the group’s path to the Tokyo Dome saying, “Three years ago we held a concert with 2,000 nearby here at the Tokyo JCB Hall but now we are here performing at the Tokyo Dome. Our dreams have become reality. Today is a memorable day for Big Bang and its fans.”

Towards the latter half of the concert, fans surprised Seungri with a mini-birthday party, ahead of his birthday on December 12, as all 55,000 fans joined in on singing happy birthday to the Big Bang member.

At the concert, Daesung also revealed his future Japanese plans with a J-Pop remake album set for release in February and exclusive solo concerts to be held in March at the Budokan and the Kobe World Commemoration Hall. 

Big Bang has a final few performances before ending its Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 for good, with its finale performances to be held on January 25 through 27 in Seoul.